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January cartoon caption contest winner: Snoopy goes after the cat next door

Feb 9, 2024, 8 AM
The winner of the nonphilatelic line in the January cartoon caption contest is David Vikan of Dickinson, N.D. He uses the 2001 34¢ Peanuts Comic Strip stamp featuring Snoopy as a World War I flying ace to suggest that wars are not always global.

U.S. Stamp Notes by John M. Hotchner

There was only one consistent theme for the January cartoon caption contest featuring the 2001 34¢ Peanuts commemorative (Scott 3507) in which Snoopy reprises his role as a World War I flying ace.

Several Linn’s readers brought the war era into the current day. Mick Zais of Columbia, S.C., thought Snoopy might be itching for action in support of Kyiv with, “Since we won’t give them advanced fighters maybe this aircraft can help the Ukrainians.”

Even more direct was Mildred Barylski of Warrenton, Va., who suggested, “Forget the Red Baron — I’m going after Putin!”

Walter Robidoux of Smyrna, Ga., mentioned a different war: “I gotta get to Gaza. The Red Baron will have to wait.”

The Red Baron again appears in the nonphilatelic winner, shown in the box above, proving that all wars start from local issues. It was sent in by David Vikan of Dickinson, N.D.

Harold Forbes of Castleton, Vt., wins the best philatelic line with “34¢ for Airmail is a bargain. Of course, I’m working for peanuts.”

Both winners will receive a 13-week subscription to Linn’s (a new subscription or an extension).

Here are the best of the other runners-up:

“Let’s stamp out ’23 and hope for a DeJoyous New Year!” from Cary Brick of Houston, Texas.

“The flying ace stays ahead of the coming rate increases by buying Forever stamps,” by Eric Wile, no hometown given.

“Neither snow nor rain, nor cat next door will stay this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds,” sent by Chuck Vukotich of Pittsburgh, Pa.

“At least my doghouse flies right-side up,” by George DeKornfeld of Hobart, N.Y.

“If I don’t get this mail delivered on time, I’m really gonna be in the doghouse,” from Frank Loso of Aberdeen, N.J.

“I wonder if my aviator sunglasses will lead to a job in the White House?” by Steve Kotler of San Francisco, Calif.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to all who entered. The next contest will be announced in the March 11 issue of Linn’s.

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