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Liechtenstein encourages staying connected by mail

Apr 23, 2020, 3 PM
Liechtenstein Post recently issued two stamps urging people to stay connected through writing letters and postcards during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

By Denise McCarty

New stamps from Liechtenstein encourage the writing of letters and postcards as a means of keeping in touch during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Each of the two stamps includes a heart emblem at the top in the middle of the inscription “i denk a di,” which translates to “I am thinking of you,” according to a March 31 article on the Liechtenstein Business website.

The article said: “Especially during these times when we are instructed to reduce direct contact with other people, handwritten letters or cards can be seen as an expression of personal proximity, a press release states. For this reason, Philately Liechtenstein wanted to encourage people to once again take the time to write by hand a letter to someone they hold dear in order to let them know ‘I’m thinking of you.’”

The philatelic division of Liechtenstein Post, Philatelie Liechtenstein, announced the stamps March 20 on its Facebook page.

The 1-franc stamp shows a symbolic pair of hands releasing flowers and foliage, and the 1.50fr stamp depicts a hummingbird and foliage emerging from an envelope.

The stamps were produced in separate panes of 20 and in a souvenir sheet. According to the image of the souvenir sheet illustrated on Liechtenstein Post’s webshop, the souvenir sheet contains three se-tenant 1fr stamps. The stamps show the same designs as those in panes of 20, but with the hummingbird and envelope design denominated 1fr instead of 1.50fr.

A hummingbird also is pictured in the selvage in the upper left with a German-language inscription beside it that translates to “Handwritten is personal and brings us closer together.”

The “” inscription on the right side of the sheet refers to Liechtenstein Post’s personal stamps. This means that even though the stamps have pre-printed designs, as opposed to designs that are added by the customer, they are considered to be personal stamps. Previously Liechtenstein has issued panes of 1fr stamps with 10 different designs as part of its program. It calls these panes “collection sheets.”

Liechtenstein Post also has partnered with the private initiative Corona Help Liechtenstein to launch a letter-writing campaign to connect people who don’t know each other.

The campaign is called “Vor Hand is Herz” (before hand is heart), and it is free. Liechtenstein Post has even promised to add the appropriate 1fr and 1fr “i denk a di” postage stamps to postcards and letters sent as part of the campaign.

For more information about the stamps, visit the Philatelie Liechtenstein website.

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