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Liechtenstein stamps feature blockchain, honor email

Aug 23, 2021, 3 PM

By Denise McCarty

Liechtenstein Post is issuing nine stamps Sept. 6, including its first stamp with blockchain technology. Such stamps often are called crypto stamps, short for cryptocurrency, a currency that exists only digitally.

In announcing this issue, Philately Liechtenstein (the post office’s philatelic service) said, “The crypto stamp is valid for postage, forgery-proof, interactive and exciting.”

The 5.20-franc stamp was printed in a souvenir sheet of one by Gutenberg AG of Schaan, Liechtenstein. Sereina Hatt designed the souvenir sheet.

The secure QR (quick response) code that appears in the lower right of the stamp design can be scanned by a smartphone for verification through a special app (application). Scanning the code also reveals a hidden character.

The @ symbol used in email addresses is featured on a new 100-centime (1-franc) stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of that electronic communication system.

Philately Liechtenstein said: “In 1971 the American computer scientist Ray Tomlinson discovered a way of sending a file from one computer to a user on another computer. The recipient was able to read the file, save it, change it and send it back again. 50 years later, E-mails have become our dominant way of communication.”

Detlef Behr designed this stamp. Gutenberg AG printed it by offset in panes of 12.

The other new Liechtenstein stamps mark the 100th anniversary of its constitution (three stamps), the 140th birth anniversary of artist Eugen Zotow (souvenir sheet of two), and the 700th death anniversary of Italian writer Dante Alighieri (souvenir sheet of two).

Rene Wolfinger’s symbolic designs for the stamps honoring the 1921 constitution represent freedom (85c), peace (1fr) and democracy (1.50fr). Each design includes an excerpt from the constitution.

Joh. Enschede of the Netherlands printed these stamps by offset plus hot foil stamping in separate panes of 16.

The Eugen Zotow souvenir sheet is a joint issue with Ukraine. The two stamps in the sheet, 1.40fr and 2.20fr, show works by the artist who was born Ivan Miassojedoff in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1881. Christine Bohmwalder designed the souvenir sheet, and Gutenberg AG printed it by offset.

Thomas Giger created pen-and-ink drawings for the Dante souvenir sheet, with a portrait of the writer on the 3.70fr stamp and an illustration of a hand writing with a quill on the 4fr. The border shows a scene from Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

For more information, visit the Philately Liechtenstein website.

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