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Life Magnified, other recent U.S. stamps assigned Scott numbers

Sep 3, 2023, 10 AM
The 20 Life Magnified stamps issued Aug. 10 are among recent United States to receive Scott catalog numbers.

Scott Catalog News by Charles Snee

Another month has passed, and that means it’s time to reveal another batch of new Scott catalog numbers.

The editors of the Scott catalogs each month assign catalog numbers to new issues from the United States, United Nations and postal services from around the world.

The new Scott numbers provided here are for recently issued U.S. stamps. New Scott numbers for worldwide stamps are given in the Scott New Listings Update in Scott Stamp Monthly.

Included in this month’s listings are Scott numbers for the nondenominated (66¢) John Lewis stamp issued July 21 at Morehouse College in Atlanta and the nondenominated (66¢) Life Magnified stamps issued Aug. 10 in a pane of 20. Also Scott official are the five nondenominated (66¢) Thinking of You stamps issued Aug 11. Both the Life Magnified and Thinking of You stamps were issued at the Great American Stamp Show in Cleveland. Imperforate varieties of all of these stamps, which come from uncut press sheets without die cuts, were also assigned Scott numbers.

What do these Scott numbers signify? In short, each stamp’s listing in an upcoming edition of the 2024 Scott catalogs.

Having these numbers handy will allow you to easily locate these stamps in the Scott catalogs and learn about their production and values.

Now that you have some context, here are the new U.S. Scott numbers:

Scott Number               Description

United States

5801                            (66c) John Lewis

a.                                 Imperforate

5802                            Life Magnified pane of 20

a.                                 (66c) Red blood cells

b.                                 (66c) Macaw parrot feather

c.                                 (66c) Human hair

d.                                 (66c) Moss leaves

e.                                 (66c) Arranged diatoms

f.                                  (66c) Freshwater protozoans

g.                                 (66c) Acorn barnacle

h.                                 (66c) Moth antenna

i.                                  (66c) Diving beetle front foot

j.                                  (66c) Mouse brain neurons

k.                                 (66c) Starling bone tissue

l.                                  (66c) Moth wing scales

m.                                (66c) Zebrafish

n.                                 (66c) Mushroom gills

o.                                 (66c) Freshwater snail tongue

p.                                 (66c) Blue button organism

q.                                 (66c) Mold spores

r.                                  (66c) Barnacle legs

s.                                 (66c) Flame lily pollen

t.                                  (66c) Oak leaf surface

u.                                 As No. 5802, imperforate

v.                                 As No. 5802a, imperforate

w.                                As No. 5802b, imperforate

x.                                 As No. 5802c, imperforate

y.                                 As No. 5802d, imperforate

z.                                 As No. 5802e, imperforate

aa.                               As No. 5802f, imperforate

ab.                               As No. 5802g, imperforate

ac.                               As No. 5802h, imperforate

ad.                               As No. 5802i, imperforate

ae.                               As No. 5802j, imperforate

af.                                As No. 5802k, imperforate

ag.                               As No. 5802l, imperforate

ah.                               As No. 5802m, imperforate

ai.                                As No. 5802n, imperforate

aj.                                As No. 5802o, imperforate

ak.                               As No. 5802p, imperforate

al.                                As No. 5802q, imperforate

am.                              As No. 5802r, imperforate

an.                               As No. 5802s, imperforate

ao.                               As No. 5802t, imperforate

5803                            (66c) Thinking of You – Butterfly, Flower, Dog, Slice of Birthday Cake

a.                                 Imperforate

5804                            (66c) Thinking of You – Sun, Flower, Horseshoe, Hand Holding Dandelion

a.                                 Imperforate

5805                            (66c) Thinking of You – Leaf, Flower Bouquet, Bandage, Birthday Party Hat, Ice Cream Cone

a.                                 Imperforate

5806                            (66c) Thinking of You – Rainbow, Ice Cream Bar, Four-leaf Clover, Cat, Cupcake and Candle

a.                                 Imperforate

5807                            (66c) Thinking of You – Hand with Raised Thumb, Party Balloons, “XOOX,{ Cup of Tea

a.                                 Imperforate

b.                                 Horiz. strip of 5, #5803-5807

c.         Imperforate strip of 5, #5803a-5807a

All of the numbers will appear in the Scott New Listings Update section of the September 2023 Scott Stamp Monthly. For further information, contact Martin J. Frankevicz.

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