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Look for used U.S. 2006-08 Official Mail envelopes

Jan 31, 2024, 1 PM
Dealer stocks of the final three United States Official Mail envelopes, a 39¢ Great Seal of the United States envelope and 41¢ and 42¢ envelopes with the same design (Scott UO92-UO94), are limited. The entires are well worth full Scott catalog value.

Stamp Market Tips by Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

Postal stationery comprises postal materials such as envelopes, postcards or wrappers with the stamp design (indicium) or other indication of postage value printed directly on them.

Postal stationery has a following among many U.S. collectors. The category of Official Mail stamped envelopes and postal cards is one that interests many collectors.

The last three U.S. Official Mail postal stationery envelopes were a 39¢ Great Seal of the United States envelope (Scott UO92) issued Jan. 9, 2006; and 41¢ (UO93) and 42¢ envelopes (UO93 and UO94) with the same design issued May 12, 2007; and June 20, 2008, respectively.

All three were issued only as legal-size (No. 10) envelopes.

The 39¢ and 41¢ envelopes met the first-class postage rate for a little more than a year after they were released. The 42¢ envelope met the first-class postage rate for less than a year.

All three envelopes saw limited use during the short times their rates were in effect.

The Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers values the three envelopes as mint entires at $2 each.

Dealer stocks of modern Official Mail postal stationery are small, and both envelopes and postal cards are only stocked by a few specialists.

These postal stationery items are well worth full Scott catalog value.

For a real challenge, look for the 2006-08 Official Mail stamped envelopes in used condition. Although there is less demand for them in used condition, the Scott U.S. Specialized catalog values them at $12.50, $25 and $25, respectively, with the values in italics.

Avoid uprated envelopes or those without a legible contemporaneous postmark.

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