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Mail groups call for 5¢ postal rate reduction

Apr 2, 2020, 4 PM
The mail industry groups recommend that the proposed reduction be in effect for 90 days. It could be renewed if the coronavirus crisis continues.

Washington Postal Scene by Bill McAllister

A coalition of mail industry groups is calling for a three-month reduction of most postal rates to help bolster the United States Postal Service’s slumping mail volumes.

In a March 31 email letter to Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan and Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Robert Taub, the group urged a 5¢ per piece rate cut “initially for 90 days but renewable” if the duration of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis requires it.

The reduction would apply across the board to any market dominant rate set by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

“Now is the time for action from the Postal Service and the PRC to keep businesses using the mail,” the letter said.

It said the groups that signed the letter “fear that without the prospect of a stimulus rate package ... substantial mail volumes will be lost and never return.”

“We are in uncharted waters and bold action is needed,” the letter concluded.

Among the groups signing the letter were the American Forest and Paper Association, Nonprofit Federation and Email Experience Council, Association for Postal Commerce, Continuity Shippers Association, Envelope Manufacturers Association, International Mailers Advisory Group, Mailers Hub, National Newspaper Association, News Media Alliance and Small Business Legislative Council.

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