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Modern Priority Mail postal stationery envelopes difficult to find

Jan 22, 2019, 10 AM
The 2016 United States $6.45 La Cueva del Indio Priority mail envelope (Scott U693) is in demand and difficult to find.

By Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

Modern Priority Mail postal stationery envelopes are a source of perplexity for many dealers and postal stationery collectors. They are expensive, oversized, not widely collected, difficult to store and display, and easily damaged.

Some have only been sold in packs of five, making them even more expensive.

If a collector who only wants one postal stationery envelope buys a pack of five, can he find a use for the other four?

Yet postal stationery collectors need these envelopes to complete their collections.

All these factors contribute to modern Priority Mail postal stationery envelopes being exceedingly difficult to find in the aftermarket.

Look for the $6.45 La Cueva del Indio Priority Mail envelope (Scott U693) issued Jan. 17, 2016. The 2019 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers values the mint postal stationery entire at $13. The envelope is selling in the $10-to-$13 price range and it is a good buy at that price.

The Scott U.S. Specialized catalog values a first-day cover at $13. The supply of very modern Priority Mail envelope FDCs exceeds the demand, and most are not hard to find at less than catalog value. If you are buying these as new issues, skip the FDCs and stick with mint.

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