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Proof set, booklet and print planned for U.S. Underground Railroad stamps

Feb 22, 2024, 8 AM
The United States Postal Service plans to sell a set of single-color proofs in association with the release of the 10 Underground Railroad forever stamps on March 9. The proofs will be sold with a new multifold booklet and an 8-by-10-inch art print.

By Jay Bigalke

The United States Postal Service will offer a limited number of proof sets for its upcoming Underground Railroad stamps.

The 10 nondenominated (68¢) stamps will be issued March 9 in a pane of 20. The proof sets are included with the purchase of a multifold booklet that is titled “The Underground Railroad.” Additionally, an 8-by-10-inch art print poster is included.

According to the USPS, there are seven progressive stamp proofs in the set. The issued pane of stamps is also included, so it is possible that the combination proof might have no back printing or something else that differentiates it.

The Postal Service’s Philatelic catalog mailed in late January said: “Honor the courage and imagination of men and women who played a role in the Underground Railroad movement with this custom product from the U.S. Postal Service. Inside is a timeline of key events in the years leading up to emancipation, a map of escape routes, and a brief biography of each of the 10 brave individuals featured on these stamps. The product comes with 5 progressive stamp proofs, the final The Underground Railroad Forever stamps in a mint pane of 20, and an original 8” x 10” art print.”

There was no mention of the quantity produced, and there doesn’t appear to be an order limit according to the Philatelic catalog.

The cost for the booklet, print and stamp proofs is $43.95; the set is USPS item No. 484625.

The Underground Railroad proof set is similar to a set of proof panes offered to collectors in 2013 in conjunction with the Jenny Invert pane of six $2 stamps (Scott 4806).

This story was revised Feb. 22, 2024, with updated information about the number of proofs in the set.

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