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Scent added to Greenland Christmas stamps

Dec 11, 2018, 10 AM

By Denise McCarty

Some postal administrations like to add something a little extra to their Christmas stamps.

For example, Greenland Post issued its first scented stamps Oct. 22. They are for use on Christmas mail.

The 14-krone stamp shows cookies shaped like people, snowflakes and a map of Greenland, and smells like cinnamon. The 16kr stamp has a pine fragrance and shows the cookies hanging from a pine bough.

Ivinguak Stork Hoegh, the designer of the stamps, said: "When the aromas of Christmas pine and biscuits [cookies] fill the air we know that Christmas is approaching. This scent is evocative of childhood, good events, family gathering and, not least, love and calm.”

The Lowe-Martin Group printed the stamps by offset in separate sheets of 10. Unscented versions of the stamps are available in a booklet of 12 (six of each design).

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