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Shaulis assumes duties as ASDA president

Feb 28, 2023, 11 AM

By Linn’s Staff

Scott Shaulis has taken over as president of the American Stamp Dealers Association. Shaulis made the announcement in a Feb. 15 press release.

According to Shaulis, the ASDA’s board of directors recently announced a “restructuring,” part of which resulted in Shaulis taking over as president from Irv Miller, who became president “in late 2021 after the sudden and unexpected death of Stanley Piller on Nov. 23,” Shaulis said.

Shaulis emphasized that the ASDA will continue to play a role in the hobby and that its board of directors is firmly committed to the association’s success.

“One rumor is that the ASDA is finished. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Shaulis said.

Shaulis singled out a number of key individuals who are essential to the mission of the ASDA: executive director Dana Guyer; Wayne Youngblood, editor of the association’s journal, American Stamp Dealer & Collector; and ASDA legal representative Chris Houlihan.

He also recognized American Stamp Dealer & Collector advertisers and subscribers, volunteers who help the ASDA officers and staff, and current and past members of the association.

Shaulis offered encouragement to dealers who are considering joining the ASDA.

“There are several compelling reasons to join,” Shaulis said.

“We are revising our mission statement. We are setting goals. … We welcome you on this fantastic journey, the newest chapter of which is just getting started.”

Shaulis concluded by acknowledging that work remains to be done.

“Priority number one is to address our financial situation,” he said.

“There is more to come and it will take work. It will not be easy at times, but I feel strongly that the right people are engaged.”.

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