2005 Canada Stamp Program

Dec 31, 2005, 6 AM
TD Bank Financial Group was honored on a stamp from Canada Post that was issued on March 18, 2005.

Jan. 7, Year of the Rooster. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2083), single $1.45 (international rate) souvenir sheet (Scott 2084), $1.45 souvenir sheet overprinted commemorating 35 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and China (Scott 2084a), and two international rate ($1.45) postal cards for the Lunar New Year, Linn's, Dec. 27, 2004, page 1.

Jan. 29, National Hockey League All-Stars. Pane of six 50¢ self-adhesive stamps (Scott 2086) and souvenir sheet of six stamps plus three labels (Scott 2085) honoring Grant Fuhr, Bryan Trottier, Henri Richard, Johnny Bucyk, Pierre Pilote, Allan Stanley, Linn's Jan. 31, page 1.

Feb. 4, Fishing Flies. Perforated sheet of four se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2087), booklet pane of four self-adhesive 50¢ stamps with serpentine die cuts (Scott 2088) and four international-rate picture postal cards, Linn's Feb. 14, page 48.

Feb. 14, Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2089) for the 100th anniversary, Linn's Feb. 14, page 1.

March 4, Wisdom of Diversity. Wisdom of Diversity. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2090) for Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, Linn's March 7, page 2.

March 10, Daffodils. Two 50¢ commemorative self-adhesive stamps (Scott 2092-93), souvenir sheet of two 50¢ stamps (Scott 2091), and two international rate picture postal cards, Linn's March 7, page 1.

March 18, TD Bank Financial Group. TD Bank Financial Group. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2094) for the 150th anniversary, Linn's March 14, page 2, June 6, page 47.

March 23, John James Audubon's Birds. Four se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2095-98) and one 85¢ stamp (Scott 2099) showcasing wildlife paintings, Linn's March 21, page 2.

April 2, Bridges. Four se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2100-03) for the Pont Jacques Cartier, Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, Canso Causeway and Souris Swinging Bridge, Linn's April 4, page 2; May 2, page 42.

April 12, Maclean's Magazine. Maclean's Magazine. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2104) for the 100th anniversary, Linn's April 25, page 44.

April 22, Biosphere Reserves. Two se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2105-06) and souvenir sheet of two 50¢ stamps (Scott 2106b) for the Biosphere Reserves at Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park and Killarney National Park in Ireland. Joint issue with Ireland, Linn's April 25, page 34.

April 29, Battle of the Atlantic (1939-45). Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2107) for the 60th anniversary of its conclusion, Linn's April 25 page 1.

May 6, Canadian War Museum. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2108) for the museum's opening, Linn's May 2, page 1.

May 27, Canadian Art – Homer Watson. Homer Watson. Single 50¢ Down in the Laurentides stamp (Scott 2109), and souvenir sheet (2110) with one 50¢ Down in the Laurentides stamp and one 85¢ The Flood Gates stamp.

June 13, Search and Rescue. Four se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2111) Linn's June 6, page 1.

June 21, Ellen Fairclough, 1905-2004. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp.

July 5, Federation Internationale de Natation World Championships. Two se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps (Scott 2113-14) for the world swimming championships being held in Montreal, Linn's July 4, page 2.

July 16, Port-Royal. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2115) for the 400th anniversary of the settlement, Linn's July 11, page 1.

July 21, Alberta. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2116) for the 100th anniversary of the province, Linn's July 18, page 2.

Aug. 2, Saskatchewan. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2117) for the 100th anniversary of the province, Linn's Aug. 1, page 28.

Aug. 15, Acadian Deportation. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2119) for the 250th anniversary, Linn's Aug. 8, page 1.

Aug. 15, Oscar Peterson. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2118) and souvenir sheet of four 50¢ stamps for his 80th birthday, Linn's Aug. 29, page 2.

Sept. 2, Polio Vaccination. Single 50¢ commemorative stamp (Scott 2120) for the 50th anniversary, Linn's Aug. 29, page 1.

Oct. 1, Youth Sports. Four se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps for skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and wall climbing. Issued in conjunction with Stamp Collecting month, Linn's Oct. 3, page 2.

Oct. 13, Big Cats. Two se-tenant 50¢ commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet with two 50¢ stamps for the Canadian cougar and Chinese leopard. Joint issue with China, Linn's Oct. 10, page 1.

Oct. 20, Wildlife definitive series. A $1 Atlantic Walrus stamp and a $1 White-tailed Deer stamp issued in panes of 16 and souvenir sheets of four, Linn's Oct. 17, page 1.

Nov. 2, Christmas Creches. Single 50¢, 85¢ and $1.45 Christmas Creches special stamps and a single 50¢ Snowman special stamp, Linn's Oct. 31, page 1.

December 19, Flowers. Single 51¢ Blue Poppy stamp, 89¢ Lady Slipper stamp, single $1.05 Fairy Slipper stamp and $1.49 Monarda Didyma stamp to pay the increased domestic, U.S. and international letter rates that go into effect Jan. 16, 2006.

December 19, Flag and Scenic View. Five 51¢ definitive stamps in booklets of 10 showing the Canadian flag and views of New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island; the bridge at Bouctouche, New Brunswick; the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site in Manitoba; the wind turbines at Pincher Creek, Alberta; and a dogsled in the Yukon Territory's St. Elias Range, to pay the new domestic letter rate that goes into effect Jan. 16, 2006, Linns Nov. 28, page 1.

December 19, Wildlife definitive series. Se-tenant $2 Sable Island Horse stamp and $2 Peregrine Falcon stamp issued in panes of 16 and souvenir sheets of four, Linn's Nov. 28, page 1.

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