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Born Aug. 7: Nathanael Greene

Apr 29, 2021, 5 PM
Gen. Nathanael Greene of the Continental Army is shown in the portrait at right on this 1936 commemorative stamp.

By Michael Baadke

Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene was a trusted friend of Gen. George Washington, and his portrait appears with Washington’s on the 1¢ green Army commemorative issued Dec. 15, 1936 (Scott 785).

Born into a Quaker family on Aug. 7, 1742, in Potowomut, R.I., Greene joined with the patriots of the American Revolution despite his religion’s commitment to pacifism.

He was involved in forming a militia company for Rhode Island, and was promoted to brigadier general in the Continental Army. As commander of the Army’s Southern forces, Greene was instrumental in the battles that led to the defeat and surrender of British Gen. Charles Cornwallis.

At age 43 in 1786, Greene died at his Georgia plantation following a sunstroke.