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Aland Post adds sparkle to its Christmas stamps

Dec 17, 2018, 9 AM
Aland’s two Christmas stamps feature holiday decorations with a holographic foil added to enhance the designs, specifically the lights, star and heart.

By Denise McCarty

Aland Post added a little sparkle to its Christmas stamps through the use of holographic foil.

The designs show Christmas decorations. Like the stamps from Iceland, they are nondenominated paying a special Christmas rate.

One stamp is inscribed “Julpost” (Christmas mail) and is for use on mail to Aland, Finland and Sweden. The design depicts a candle and branches of a Christmas tree with red lights and a large heart ornament. Holographic foil was used to emphasize the lights and heart.

The gold star and lights are enhanced on the “Varlden” stamp for cards and letters up to 20 grams sent from Aland to any country in the world.

Emelie Bang designed the stamps. Cartor printed them in separate sheets of 40 (two panes of 20).

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