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Souvenir sheets and stamps made from wood: Inside Linn's

May 3, 2021, 5 AM
Gabon issued the first wooden souvenir sheet in 1982. In addition to commemorating Gabon’s anniversary, the sheet honors the okoume industry.

By Jay Bigalke

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Souvenir sheets, stamps made from oak, bamboo and other types of wood

Wood has been a rare material for stamp printing, even though paper also originates from wood. Feature writer Wayne Chen looks at stamps from around that world that have utilized wood on stamps and souvenir sheets.

Syrian airmails commemorate Human Rights declaration

Middle East Stamps columnist Ghassan Riachi looks at three airmail stamps issued in 1958 by Syria, while it was part of the United Arab Republic of Egypt. The stamps mark the 10th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Hockey cancels in United States and Canada different sizes

First-day Covers columnist Lloyd de Vries discusses the different sizes of postmarks that were created by the United States and Canada for the History of Hockey stamps joint issue.

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