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Puerto Rico’s El Capitolio celebrates 95 years

Feb 22, 2024, 11 AM
Attendees were able to obtain this pictorial postmark during the 95th anniversary festivities for Puerto Rico’s Capitol.

Postmark Pursuit by Molly Goad

The Capitol of Puerto Rico — also known as El Capitolio and the House or Palace of Laws — celebrated 95 years in February with a host of activities, including the pictorial postmark shown here.

The building opened on Feb. 11, 1929, and has remained an enduring emblem of democracy in Puerto Rico ever since. Within its walls, local senators and representatives convene to discuss legislation.

The three-story structure stands in Old San Juan and holds a spot on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Adorned with marble, the building exudes grandeur, with a central rotunda displaying Puerto Rico’s Constitution. Also, mosaics on the high ceilings narrate significant historical moments.

Visitors can explore these treasures through complimentary tours offered at the Capitol.

Celebratory anniversary events throughout the week included an outdoor concert and a light show depicting 95 years of history, book presentations, exhibitions, and educational initiatives recognizing the Capitol’s importance.

On Feb. 8, Postal Service personnel conducted the pictorial cancellation activity.

To obtain the postmark, address your request to:

CAPITOL DISTRICT Station, Customer Relations Specialist, 585 Avenue FD Roosevelt, Suite 223, San Juan, PR 00936-9998, Feb. 8.

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