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Spider-Man, American Flag vended postage to be issued April 1

Mar 17, 2014, 8 AM

A new Spider-Man 2 movie design will be available beginning April 1 on computer-vended postage at selected self-service kiosks in larger U.S. post offices. Shown here is the USPS graphic for the new marketing promotion.

A computer-vended postage label featuring Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man and another showing the American flag will be available at selected larger United States post offices starting April 1.

The labels will be vended through some of the Postal Service’s self-service kiosks, also known as Automatic Postal Centers (APCs).

At the National Postal Forum on March 17, the U.S. Postal Service announced a partnership with the feature film The Amazing-Spider Man 2,which debuts in theaters May 2.

The promotion will include what the Postal Service calls "Amazing Spider-Man 2 postage," and branded Priority Mail flat-rate boxes.

A related promotional graphic from the USPS Facebook page is pictured here.

U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Zy Richardson confirmed that the postage will be available at the self-service kiosks. The postage label design will be unveiled at a later date, according to Richardson.

Some of the designated kiosk locations might use the new labels before the planned rollout date.

Locations with self-service kiosks that vend labels and ATM panes of 18 stamps will be the only ones with the Spider-Man labels, allowing customers to choose the stamp they want instead of having the Spider-Man postage label as the only option.

Other locations that only vend postage labels will not have the new Spider-Man labels and will have instead a new American Flag preprinted design that has not been unveiled yet.

The current blank label with a printed-on U.S. Postal Service logo will be used when supplies of either label run out, serving as a back-up for the preprinted labels.

The Spider-Man and the American Flag labels will be the third and fourth multicolor designs created for the APC vending machines. The previous two color postage labels feature holiday designs.

All of the black text on these labels, including the denomination, is printed on demand by the kiosk when the customer makes the purchase.

Customers can purchase a minimum of three forever postage labels from the vending machine.