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A forerunner to today’s email message found on WWI Red Cross postcard

Apr 30, 2018, 7 AM

Philatelic Foreword — By Jay Bigalke

I recently acquired a postcard at a stamp show that had an impact on me, all for the cost of a couple of dollars.

The Red Cross postcard was sent during World War I from a soldier to Rockbridge, Ohio. The purpose of the card was quite simple, as evidenced by the preprinted text on the message side of the card.

The first line reads, “The ship on which I sailed has arrived safely overseas.” This is followed by lines for the person’s name and organization with “American Expeditionary Forces” preprinted below them.

“Private Guy Green” of “336 I.N.F. Company A” sent the card.

What really had me thinking was how different such a message from a soldier looks like 100 years later.

Now, depending on security clearance and access to internet, it is much faster to type out a quick email message to send a note to those back home announcing your safe arrival at a destination.

I would guess a postcard would be used infrequently for this purpose today.

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The United States Postal Service will issue a World War I: Turning the Tide commemorative forever stamp this year to commemorate the country’s involvement in WWI and the honor, dedication and sacrifices of American soldiers and their families.

An issue date for the stamp had not been announced as of this issue of Linn’s going to press.

The stamp would be a great complement to any collection of WWI postal history.