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Vols. 5A and 5B of 2018 Scott catalog available

May 3, 2021, 10 PM
Vols. 5A (countries of the world N-Phil) and 5B (Pit-Sam) of the 2018 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue are now available.

From the Scott Editors — By Donna Houseman

The Scott catalog has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1868 as a 24-page bound pamphlet. The Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue lists more than 700,000 stamps from more than 600 stamp-issuing entities. Because the catalog volumes had grown so large that they were literally bursting at the seams, each 2018 Scott Standard catalog has been split into two volumes, A and B. The 2018 Vols. 5A (countries of the world N-Phil) and 5B (Pit-Sam countries) are now available.


Almost 4,400 value changes occur among the listings for the Philippines. Scattered value changes can be found in the classic period, with a mix of increases and decreases. The 1863 2-real blue stamp (Scott 17) doubles in value, from $1,000 used to $2,000. The value for an unused example remains unchanged at $650. More than 4,300 value changes were made during a line-by-line review of the period from 1945 to date, resulting in mostly increases throughout. The 2014 35-peso stamp honoring the Main Post Office in Manila (3517) climbs in value, from $2.75 mint and used to $3.50 both ways.

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The almost 160 value changes among the listings for the Pacific Island of Nauru also reflect a mix of increases and decreases. The 1920 2-shilling 6-penny overprint (Scott 16) drops in value, from $92.50 unused to $85, but jumps upward, from $160 used to $200.

Several increases are found among the value changes for New Guinea stamps.

Namibia received a thorough review, resulting in more than 700 value changes. The changes reflect a general weakening of the market for this southwest African nation.

The value for North Boreo’s 1889 $5 red violet and $10 brown showing the coat of arms (Scott 48-49) moves upward, from $350 each unused to $400 each. The 1892 8¢-on-25¢ blue surcharged stamp (58) jumps from $150 unused to $185, and from $175 used to $200.

Scattered increases can be found among the listings for Oman. The Sultanate of Oman 1971 1-rial dark violet high-denomination overprinted stamp (Scott 133) increases in value, from $120 mint to $130. The used value remains at $30. The 1974 100-baizas stamp commemorating the opening of Port Qaboos (157) moves upward, from $16.50 mint to $18. The used value remains at $5.

A review of New Britain results in almost 40 value changes, many reflecting increases. The 1914 3-penny-on-25-pfennig stamp (Scott 7) sees an increase of 7 percent, going from $350 unused to $375.

A few value increases are sprinkled among the modern issues of New Caledonia, although value decreases also occur. Almost 675 value changes were made to the listings of this South Pacific island.


Throughout Vols. 5A and 5B, various notes and footnotes have been clarified or expanded to further explain complicated listings. Other notes have been screened carefully to ensure accuracy.

Numerous minor varieties and footnotes were added to the listings of the Philippines.

A horizontal pair, imperforate between, of North Ingermanland’s 1920 10-pennia rose red is listed as Scott 2b. A vertical pair, imperforate between, of the 1920 25p bister is now listed as 3c.

Perforation varieties were added to the early Issues of Niue, an island in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand.


Scattered increases in value are found among the listings of Portugal. The 2003 set of three stamps commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Portuguese Automobile Club (Scott 2565-2567) moves upward, from $7.75 mint in the 2017 Vol. 5 to $9 in the 2018 edition, and from $3.25 used to $5. The 2007 souvenir sheet of four (2938) from the set featuring motorcycles jumps to $9 mint and used, from $7 both ways. The value for any 61¢ single from the sheet increases from $1.75 mint and 85¢ used to $2.50 both ways.

Many new values have been added to the listings for Qatar stamps where dashes previously indicated values were difficult to determine. The imperforate souvenir sheets issued for the 1966 World Cup Soccer Championships in London (Scott 107H-107L) are now valued at $50 each, both mint and used.

Scattered value changes are found throughout the catalog listings for St. Thomas and Prince Island.

Values have replaced dashes in the listings of Samoa’s 2016 surcharged stamps (Scott 1234-1239).

Among the value changes for Puerto Rico, the 1873 1-peso red-brown stamp (Scott 3) issued under Spanish Dominion climbs to $600 unused, from $550 in the 2017 Vol. 5 of the Scott Standard catalog. The used value remains at $21. The 1893 3-centavo dark green stamp commemorating the landing of Christopher Columbus on Puerto Rico (133) moves upward, from $250 mint to $300. The used value remains at $60.

The Portuguese Congo 1894 100-reis King Carlos stamp (Scott 9) jumps from $6 unused to $8.

Among the listings for Russia, a used value of $16,000 has been added for the 1889 4-kopeck rose with groundwork inverted (Scot 41a). The imperforate variety of the 1938 50k dull violet (642a) soars to $23,000 from $17,500 unused.

The values for stamps of St. Pierre and Miquelon reflect mostly decreases from 1950 through the 1970s. Small increases can be found for stamps issued from the mid-1980s on. Both stamps in the 1942 semipostal set, — the 1-franc+50-centime (Scott B9) and the 2.50fr+1fr (B10) — rise in value to $75 mint, from $65. The used values for the two stamps remain at $75 each.

A few values were updated among the listings of St. Kitts-Nevis. All value changes reflect slight increases.

2018 Scott Catalog Vol. 5
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