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How do you start your first collection, develop and improve an existing collection, or add a new collection?


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The components of a stamp


How to acquire stamps

A postage stamp is made up of many different elements: paper and ink, adhesive gum, perforations and more. Learn about all the parts that make a stamp a stamp. The methods you'll use to add stamps to your collection will depend on what you collect. Get info on the most common ways to buy and figure out which ones suit you best. 

How to soak stamps


What else can you collect?

To add a stamp to your collection, you're probably going to need to know how to remove it from the envelope it's attached to. Soaking them is a long-used method that all collectors need to be adept at. It's often called "stamp collecting," but the philatelic hobby encompasses a wide variety of items besides postage stamps, including envelopes displaying interesting stamps and postmarks. 


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