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Engraved look to California mountain town postmark

Jun 13, 2014, 2 AM

Attractively designed postmarks are always a treat for collectors who actively seek out items that match their interests.

A recent postmark from Sierra City, Calif., probably has more regional interest in the northern part of the state, but outside of that geographical area the postmark carries some popular themes.

The postmark has an engraved or woodcut appearance, with a design featuring a stagecoach and horses. The banner below marks the town’s 150th anniversary, and mountains, rivers and trees flank the central design.

In the 19th century, Wells, Fargo & Co. had a two-story building located in the community. The area was also known for its mining, which continues today on a limited scale. Tourism is the main draw for this community that has a current population just topping 200 residents.

To obtain this June 21 cancel, send your covers to the following address: HERITAGE Station, Box 9998, Sierra City, CA 96125-9998.

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